Top 10 Corporate Gifts For Your Clients To Remember You

When it comes to advertising your brand, there is no better option than gifting and making yourself visible to your client. When you think of gifts the only thing that might come to your mind would be traditional sweet boxes or flower bouquet. With the change in corporate culture, businesses are looking to gift more unique, creative and useful articles to their clients – their official website. We help you choose some of the trending products available in the market.


A terrarium is a micro garden contained within a glass container. It has zero maintenance plants within it, which make it ideal for people who enjoy the greenery, but lack the patience of gardening. It helps in bringing the beauty & tranquility of outdoors on the desks of corporate offices.

Personalized gfits with company logo:

There is nothing better than gifting a personalized gift to your client. It shows the effort you have taken to customize the product for your client and leaves an everlasting image. Some of the personalized gifts include printed mugs and tee shirts or a basket full of assorted nuts.

Corporate annual planner:

Corporates and businessmen are always busy and gifting an annual planner is the best option for them. The annual planner is a useful gift as it helps the business plan their year in advance and every time the client updates the planner he gets reminded of you.

Handcuffs for men or stud for women:

An accessory adds glamor and confidence to one’s attire. A handcuff for the man’s suit or an elegant stud for a woman’s saree as a gift would be personal as well as a useful gift.

Ayurvedic personal care kit:

Herbal beauty products, organic health food & essential oils to help corporate personnel stay beautiful, fit & to bust the corporate stress. It is definitely a gift that clients will cherish.

Power bank:

Businessmen are so busy at the time that they forget to charge their phones. A power bank would help them charge their phones in case of emergency and yes, you can disturb them anytime.

Chocolate bouquet

Gifting floral bouquets is a traditional and worthless gift. Chocolate bouquets are modern and a tasty gift. They are a great stress buster.

Champaign glasses

Champaign and wine glasses are an asset to the corporates. The client can show them off during a corporate party or meetings.

Mobile phone holder

Mobile phone holders are a useful gift and come in various designs which decorate the client’s room.

Assorted flavored green tea

Green tea is a flavorful and healthy gift. They help the businessman stay active throughout the day. They are also a great stress buster.

So what are you waiting for? Make your clients feel great and appreciated! Choose a gift from the above list and sent them to your associates. They would be delighted to receive a unique and creative gift (and continue being associated with you). Apart from the above, you can pep them up with some happiness, laughter, fun, happy days and good health.