DIY Corporate Photo Booths Add An Element Of Fun In Any Corporate Event Without Costing A Lot

A party without a photo booth is incomplete. And corporate are nowhere behind in setting up photo booths at various events to add some fun element for their employees. The custom made corporate photo booth will add some excitement to the corporate event.

Renting a photo booth seems like a good option but they turn out to be pretty expensive.DIY corporate photo booths can be made with some basic daily household equipments using electronics like a computer, a digital camera and  a printer which is readily available click here to get in touch. You can be more creative and combine the props with some nice background to give it a WOW effect.

Set up the lights

To click the prefect pictures a lot of work goes in creating the perfect lighting.

  • A light source should be placed just beside the camera so as to reduce shadows.
  • You do not need to invest in very expensive lights.
  • Even the basic lights available in your neighbourhood store will work absolutely fine.

Use Fabrics and clothes to make a background

The next crucial thing to set up a DIY corporate photo booth is the background of your picture.

  • You can set the background with a fabric.
  • You can use a paper as well.
  • All you need to do is tape the fabric or the paper to the wall.
  • For the background to be a little bit more fancy you could use a white seamless paper on a stand.

Set the triggers:

The next step will be to sync the camera with the light. If the light is placed very close to the camera you can use a sync cord which comes along with the light to serve the purpose.

Take photos with a digital camera

You do not need a professional photographer to click photos in a DIY corporate photo booth.

  • All you need to do is set a digital camera at the correct angle to be able to click three to four pictures without warning.
  • This lets you capture moments which are weird and awkward to create the real fun experience.
  • Place the camera on a tripod stand to give it the proper height.
  • The camera should be set to focus all points so as to maximise the shots. This will capture images even if the people are not standing on the mark.

Have an instruction manual

Hand out an instruction manual so that people know what needs to be done. It could include instructions like where to stand, to look at the camera and not the light and also how to operate the remote which is used to control the camera.

Pick up props from your local store

Go creative and pick up a lot of props. You don’t need to invest a bomb. Just a few cheap ones will also serve the purpose. Keep the props beside the booth so that people can use their imagination to try these props and use them to click some lovely poses